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Ready to Rok archives
by Some-E


17.12.2000 New Developer on Buzz's Scene ! Q started with 3 effect machines...

         Q Brainwaves - chorus effect
Q Rebond - nice delay machine (released with C++ source)
Q Z-filter - it looks strange for me (released with C++ source)

    Two new effects from Static:
Static Duafilt II - improved version of Duafilt
         Static Peak EQ - cool single frequency peek equalizer

    Get Effects update pack with latest 10 machines here -> EfxUpd5


  Oskari lost source codes of Buzz 1 and 2 when His computer got a voltage
peak... It's possible to recover all data, but this requires much money...

  If Anyone can help Him then please go to
MAZ and support Oskari
on the normal registration way. Thank You all...

03.12.2000 I have some troubles with my broken monitor :(  I was cutted off from The Internet...

    Some new effects:
CyanPhase NotchFilter - name says all...
CyanPhase AuxReturn - stereo version
         Arguelles WazzUp - resynthesis effect

    New version of:
CyanPhase DTMF 1.2
CyanPhase AutoDC 1.1
Automaton Parametric EQ 1.1 - release date: 27.11.2000

         Minor changes on Links Page, some links fixed.
         You can find my banner at end of this page. Use it if needed...


    1 generator added:
CyanPhase DTMF - this generator comes to You with C++ source code!

    New version of:
Synthrom's Sinus - bugfixed version, EDIT button and new demo added.

    New Generators and Effects update packs  (link)

You can download new gears directly from this page now (minor change)


    1 Effect added:
CyanPhase KrashBox

I've got an info from Whitenoise and I would like to inform any Buzz Artist/User
         about new compilation on this page
( it's a citation):

         " ...We are now accepting submissions for songs and CD/webpage artwork. Interested parties should
send mp3 URL's (do not send us mp3's or bmx's!) to . You may also send art in JPG
format to this address. This will be a 2 CD compilation - one CD will be dance music (techno, trance, electro,
drum and bass, ect) and the other will be down tempo (ambient, IDM, ect). There will be about 20 songs
selected total.

This will be a good opportunity to get your music heard, to help support the Buzz, and the Buzz scene!

The url for the comp will be


        WhiteNoise is a compilation manager. All profits made will go to Oskari and other Machine
        Developers. These good programmers will continue developing this great software FOR FREE,
        so help them...

    3 New Effects added:
CyanPhase M-Derive
CyanPhase M-integral
CyanPhase AtomStereoMeld

    New version of:
Cheapo Amp - v 1.22 - minor fixes

    1 New Generator added:
Synthrom's Sinus - a mathematical side of additive synthesis (docs & demo included)
and new developers - 1mT &  Geroyche as a Team to the Hall of Fame

            I made one major change for Your convenience.
        You can download machines by Developer's name from
Hall of Fame Pages.


    8 Effects added:
Automaton Dynamics Pack v 1.1 (compressor+expander)
Automaton EQ-7 v 1.1
Automaton EQ-10 v 1.1
Automaton Parametric EQ v 1.1
CyanPhase WaveShaper
Jeskola 3210
Whitenoise StereoModulator

        Check Machines Packs page for update

     You can always reach my site under

     This is strictly storage site. I don't want to have troubles with beta releases then if You need any
new beta machine - go to or or directly to
developers sites using my Links Page. If any machine will be oficially released then I'll put her
on proper page.
     Always use latest INDEX.TXT file downloadable from or